Casino Game Review

Thrilling adventures and exciting casino entertainment has a lot to offer but what if this is your first gambling experience? Don’t worry, we have prepared a list of all the popular online casino games. Read these quick game reviews to understand which game works the best for you!


This is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about online casinos. The attractive and vibrant slots are the game of choice for a lot of gamblers and we can easily see why. For a good while now, Slot machines have been reinvented thanks to the online casino scene. With all the various themes and features, it’s no wonder they are so popular.

Like on land-based casinos, you place a bet and watch the reels go by. The most basic slots have three reels, but more and more slots now come with much larger game layouts. For now, the five-reel slots seem to be the most popular. The wins are made according to slot paylines . Combine symbols that follow these lines to acquire wins. The number of lines varies from game to game and they can go into multiple directions, not just diagonally.


When it comes to table games, Blackjack is the crowd favourite. The aim is simple, get a sum of 21 or at least try to get as close as possible. This is how Blackjack cards are valued:

At the beginning of the round, you and the dealer will get two cards. Both of your cards are shown while the dealer has only one card facing up. The player can choose to hit or stand. By hitting you ask for another card, by standing you keep your existing score. The idea is to get 21 or as close to it as possible. You can hit as many times as you want, but going over 21 will result in a loss. The dealer draws until 16. Your job is to beat the dealers’ score.


In every casino, the roulette table is stacked with players, that’s where all the excitement happens. The table is recognized by its black and red wheel and the silver ball that rolls around it. Roulette includes many different strategies. You can place bets on specific numbers, rows of colours. Afterwards, the croupier spins the wheel and throws in the ball. The wins are paid according to where the ball lands. The outcome is completely random, that’s why this game is so fun! Roulette is popular for its high payout odds and it is synonymous with the word casino.


Like Blackjack, there is a number that you strive for, but the rules are much different. Baccarat is quite simple, as there aren’t many rules to memorize. In Baccarat, you guess which value from two hands is going to be bigger. If you guess it, you win, it’s that simple.

The desirable value is 9, or preferable as close as possible to that number. These are the Baccarat card values:

If the value is higher than 10, the first digit gets disregarded, for example, if you have 6 and 8, your hand value is 4.

If your cards combine a 9 straight away (4+5=9), then you automatically win, unless the other hand is also a 9, otherwise known as Natural. If it’s a tie, another card gets drawn to both hands, to decide the winner.

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